How I created a Chalkboard Lettering for a Wedding in Los Angeles

I had the opportunity to work on my first ever wedding chalkboard 6 months after I launched my freelance design studio. It was a very fun project to work on. The couple that reached out was asking around on Facebook groups and someone recommended me. Psst… always ask your clients how they heard about you and how they found you.

The process for a chalkboard lettering is simple, you need to use regular chalk to create your sketch but it can take time, I had to do the chalkboard lettering on-site at The Unique Space located at the Los Angeles Arts District. Keep in mind that for weddings you have a very limited time on-site so you need to know exactly how much time you will have in order to create the full piece.

This chalkboard was huge, similar to doing a chalkboard mural, it took me 3 and a half hours on-site to complete. I first sketched the art by hand using the iPad Pro,

First Step: Mood-Board

I always include a mood-board for my clients, this particular client already had a mood-board. Once I saw what they were aiming for it was easier for me to get ideas to start sketching.

Second Step: Concept Sketching

I sent 2-3 options to the client with different lettering styles and illustrations for them to pick. They decided to go with the one that showed the lettering inside a heart but they also liked another one so they ask to mix both concepts in one, I added a moon, some stars and a ship. This last option was immediately approved!

Third Step: Preparing for the event!

So for this chalkboard I decided to use a projector. I changed the colors of my artwork to white so it can show easily in the black board when projected. I was scheduled to be at 1pm but I got there earlier to get started (just in case something happened) I took 2 long extension cords.

I started first by cleaning the chalkboard and then proceeded to trace the sketch with regular chalkboard and once I had it all traced I then started inking. I used my favorite chalk marker brand “ChalkOla” I like the colors palette of the vintage style color palette they have.

Here are some photos of the chalkboard and also below check the time-lapse video of the process. Enjoy!

wedding Chalkboard Artist.JPEG