Making a School Shine with A Colorful Mural

If you are an artist looking to start painting murals, there are different ways you can get hands on practice and build a portfolio at the same time. You can offer a friend’s or a family business with a blank wall your services or you can donate to a school or non-profit. Please, never give free services to businesses that can afford pay you.

I recently created a Mural for Alma Fuerte School. The school is located in Altadena and had a wall that needed some love. They wanted a powerful phrase to empower the kids and the family when the walk in to the lobby to take a tour of the school.

I sketched the idea and presented the client the concept. Then I proceeded to preparing everything I needed to paint on-site.

Here’s the time-lapse video. It took around 14 hours of work on-site and 5 days of creating concept/final lettering design.

Have a blank wall and would love to paint a mural? send me an email to

Prices start $30/Sq ft